National Counselor Exam

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Dr. Shawn, The LPC helps new Counselors prepare and pass the National Counselor Exam and create thriving careers.

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Get Your Study Tips Today

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Some states require the NCE before allowing the Counselor to be licensed. Don't let a test keep you from completing the process and becoming a fully vetted Therapist in the mental health profession.

Don't settle for limits

Credentials That Matter

The LPC designation is an indication to the public that the Counselor meets critical competencies identified by a nationally certifying organization and the state. This creates confidence in and respect for the profession and the professional.

Changing Laws & Regulations

The mental health profession is evolving, as it should. One trend we see, is a push to raise the bar and bring the profession on par with other mental health professionals. As this happens, being limited could limit your career options.


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Meet Your Advocate

Dr. Shawn, The LPC

Dr. Shawn is an advocate for mental health. She is passionate about the profession and the benefits it brings to people's lives and the families and communities they live in.

She has been supervising LLPCs and helping them prepare for the NCE for more than eight years. During that time, she has developed a method that delivers predictable results and helps people get past test anxiety, ineffective study habits, procrastination, and mind sets that interfere with taking on big goals.

Download the free study tips and join the private facebook group. Don't put off taking the next step to move your career in the mental health profession forward.

This study tips give you a solid place to begin to address gaps in your study habits and mindset. Fear is often an underlying cause so we are including a 15-minute audio from Dr. Shawn where she goes there... Today, more than ever, we have to move past fear and take action to create a future that inspires us.

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